Letters to the Editor

August 28, 2014

Corporate profits don't excuse everything

Re "Businesses doing their job" (Letters, Aug. 28): Steve Sherman writes that "corporations are fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility to the investors by...making money," meaning profit justifies any bad behavior. This means all humanity is really just marketable labor, all of nature just marketable land and all human interaction really is measurable in financial transactions.

General Motors manufacturing a less-reliable ignition switch is in line with this kind of thinking. Sure, it killed some people, but GM made $97 more per switch, so everything was jake.

Sherman continues: "All government does is confiscate money," apparently forgetting that government creates the dollars and that we are citizens, not just consumers.

He probably believes that the beatified CEOs are the only real producers of wealth. Why Steve Jobs single-handedly created the smartphone. Please ignore the government-funded research leading to the the integrated circuit, the Internet, GPS, etc.

Denial: Not just a river in Egypt any more.

-- Mark Dempsey, Orangevale

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