Letters to the Editor

August 29, 2014

Americans for Prosperity should pay for advertising

Re "Be warned: Costs for Californians under Obamacare about to spike" (Viewpoints, Aug. 29): Americans for Prosperity, the political propaganda machine of the Koch brothers, has flooded both the airwaves with deceptive messaging and candidates with corporate cash. David Spady's article is much the same, only The Bee offered free space for political advertising.

Any Californian with a few moments to research the claims and an ounce of common sense knows that the so-called limited networks and the alleged tax increases are not only scare tactics, but also are not because of the Affordable Care Act, but rather the insurance companies changing their networks and policies.

Make no mistake: Americans for Prosperity's sole purpose is to allow corporate free reign over America and everything American--just as David Koch did when he ran against Ronald Reagan in 1980.

-- Keith Carmona, Roseville

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