Letters to the Editor

August 31, 2014

Gun ranges are safe

Re "Neighbors object to gun range" (Page B1, Marcos Breton, Aug 31): Why would anyone object to a gun range in their neighborhood? I can't think of one incident involving mass murder anywhere near or related to a gun range. In fact I think thugs would be less inclined to commit a crime at, or near a gun range. Neighbors should welcome the range because people that go to ranges are safe, legal gun owners that enjoy an activity in a safe, legal way. The gun isn't the problem it's the one holding the gun. Legal gun transactions, recreational shooting and legal transportation of unloaded weapons has very little to do with gun violence. Marcos Breton's suggestion that children and senior citizens' lives are in danger because of gun ranges is laughable. There's no doubt gun violence is a problem but it certainly has nothing to do with gun ranges. Mental illness needs the attention. -- Dave Putman, Citrus Heights

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