Letters to the Editor

September 2, 2014

Elk Grove soccer funds

Re "Elk Grove makes a move to land MLS franchise" (Our Region, Aug. 28): Elk Grove is purchasing property for $4.4 million to build a stadium for a major soccer team. While this may be a good thing for the city and provide lots of publicity, the city is using money from the stormwater protection fund. Reallocation of these funds is very concerning.

As a long-time Elk Grove resident that lives near one of the creeks/canals I have wondered why creek maintenance is never performed. These creeks provide our flood protection and control during the rainy season and large rain events. Plants have grown into the canals that are filling it and the capacity of water flow is diminished. The city is not doing any maintenance or cleaning them.

Why does this city put more importance on expanding and development instead of taking care of the citizens who currently pay the taxes for the services in the city?

-- Rosemary Naves, Elk Grove

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