Letters to the Editor

September 2, 2014

Building codes save lives

Re "We hate government but should give it credit in Napa earthquake" (Viewpoints, Aug. 26): Kudos to Bruce Maiman for his column congratulating government's response to the Napa earthquake and the role California building codes played in limiting the damage and injury. Our State organization, California Building Officials (CALBO), had a pin that says, "When I do my job right, nothing happens."

We, too, can get frustrated with the California's regulation process, but it only takes a comparative look at disasters in other countries and states to realize the value of our building code standards. Our codes save lives.

While in Texas recently, the local paper revisited the fertilizer plant explosion in West Texas, noting something we code officials in California already knew: a few operational safeguards along with the adoption and enforcement of National Code Standards would've prevented it.

-- Gene Paolini, former president of CALBO; Roseville

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