Letters to the Editor

September 2, 2014

No budget, still paid

Re "Ami Bera omits some facts in first campaign ad" (Ad Watch, Aug. 29): I am glad Christopher Cadelago exposed the ridiculousness behind the so-called No Budget, No Pay bill. Cadelago hit the nail on the head when he called the bill, "mostly ceremonial."

The bill is a farce because regardless of no budget, Rep. Ami Bera still gets paid. Every day, my wife and I worry about the ever-increasing prices for food. It is getting harder for folks like us to make ends meet. The paychecks that folks like us earn are buying less each day.

Congress hasn't passed a budget in years, yet they still get paid. The No Budget, No Pay bill Bera keeps bragging about is a gimmick and insulting to every hard-working American who has worked day in and day out for their pay.

I wish Congress would be held accountable and budget their spending like the rest of us do.

-- Joseph L. Cook, Sacramento

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