Letters to the Editor

September 3, 2014

Darrell Fong's lack of support

Darrell Fong is the wrong candidate for state assembly. A majority of the city council doesn't support him, and neither does his own police union of 30 years, especially after he voted to lay off police officers. Two years into his first term as a councilmember, Fong displayed disinterest in his then current job and decided that he would rather run for state assembly.

Fong's weaning interest in his position shows his inability to take on a job with the enthusiasm and spirit that is required when vowing to take on such a position as councilman. This mindset can affect his performance as a member of council and can ultimately affect his effectiveness as assemblyman, particularly during tougher or less interesting times. How can we be confident that he would be a committed and effective assemblyman especially when Fong displays a flaky attitude towards his job as councilman?

-- Phuong Trinh, Sacramento

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