Corruption at State Capitol, out of control

09/04/2014 6:09 AM

09/04/2014 11:14 AM

Re "A Los Angeles judge granted a fourth delay for Senator Wright" (Capitol & California, Sept. 4): Sen. Rod Wright was found guilty of eight felony counts in January 2014, in a case that took more than three years. A judge just granted a fourth delay to sentencing for his lawyers to have more time to review the prosecution's arguments against a new trial. What have his lawyers been doing for the past 7 months if not reviewing the case?

The corruption at our State Capitol is out of control, bolstered by a one-party rule that has a chokehold on this state, along with well-paid lawyers who will use every trick to prevent judgments against politicians.

Our politicians aren't interested in us, only re-election. Give them one term, then out. The argument against this is they don't have time to learn the system, but when will we realize that learning to manipulate the system is what has gotten us into this mess?

-- Raymond Webber, Rancho Cordova

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