Paul Krugman: It’s all Benghazi

So Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who was supposed to succeed John Boehner as speaker of the House, won’t be pursuing the job after all. He would have faced a rough ride both winning the post and handling it under the best of circumstances, thanks to the doomsday caucus – the fairly large bloc of Republicans demanding that the party cut off funds to Planned Parenthood, or kill Obamacare, or anyway damage something liberals like, by shutting down the government and forcing it into default.


David Brooks: Clinton’s opportunistic solution

All presidential candidates face a core problem. To win their party’s nomination in an age of growing polarization they have to adopt base-pleasing, pseudo-extreme policy positions. But to win a general election and actually govern they have to adopt semi-centrist majority positions.


Big steps forward for state parks

Gov. Brown signs two bills that will help state parks move into new century

After scandal, blue-ribbon commission recommended sweeping changes

Bills expand resources and streamline partnerships

Sacramento Deals

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