Water Crisis


California needs better account of groundwater

One of the biggest challenges is accounting for groundwater, which supplies about one-third of agricultural and urban water use in normal years, and as much as 60 percent during the current drought. The good news is that the work has begun. Under a landmark 2014 law, California now requires groundwater basins to be managed sustainably. The bad news is that achieving comprehensive accounting systems for groundwater will be a heavy lift.


New water rules make good sense

Californians have done a tremendous job of saving water in response to the state’s historic drought, with extraordinary measures including brown lawns, shower buckets and turf removal.

See dog herd goats from drone in Citrus Heights

Cesar Campos, a goatherder from Peru, watches over his charges on Friday, May 25, 2018, in Citrus Heights as they eat away vegetation in a water detention basin to improve water flow in flood season.
Hector Amezcua