I was hoping for recipes using fresh produce when it is available at its peak; when it is plentiful and ripe. This would be helpful through the summer months and even into autumn. Any and all recipes are appreciated. Thanks.

The tomatoes are starting to come in.

Cooking may not be a gender-specific activity, but there are some characteristics that follow stereotypes more often than not (read on before you start to object). At least that’s what Steven Raichlen says – and we tend to agree. He’s the guy who has brought us more grilling books than one would think possible (most of the 30 books he’s written, including “Planet Barbecue!” and “Barbecue! Bible”).

Authors says it’s time to rethink what you eat around the campfire.

Sugar and safety: Those are the two big concerns of home cooks when it comes to canning.

My wife, Holly, loves seafood. I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for stuffed bell peppers using fish or shellfish instead of ground beef as the main ingredient.

This is the best time of year for people who love food because fresh corn, tomatoes, green beans, squash, blueberries, watermelon and cantaloupe are plentiful. They’re delicious by themselves, but they can taste even better with a sprinkle or two of fresh herbs.

Grilling is a passion ignited by smoke, sizzle and fire. The grill has evolved into a backyard shrine where, instead of sweating over it, devotees weep droplets of undiluted love and patty-cake humble hamburger into a James Beardian din-din.

As much as a well-slathered rack of ribs, smoked salmon or beer can chicken sounds great right about now, let’s not limit the grill to items that once walked or swam. From fruits and vegetables to pizzas and even desserts, plenty of foods benefit from outdoor grilling.

These English muffins are baked in coffee cans.

If you think fried chicken is a purely Southern thing, think again.

Bring the flavor of Florida to any summer gathering with a key lime pie, one of the most counterfeited of all desserts. Make it today, chill it in the refrigerator overnight and surprise your guests tomorrow. Then wait for the applause.

Summertime is high season for eating outdoors; weekend and Fourth of July plans are often filled with cookouts, backyard parties and picnics.

Terri Norvell of Camino loves Mexican food. She enjoyed a dish at a party that was a ring of pastry with a Mexican-flavored chicken filling. She was hoping for a recipe.

He was a soldier, a boxer, a hunter, a fisherman, a drinker, a father and the writer of words and stories that aimed to be, above all else, true and honest and pure.

Wraps make great summertime meals; they’re easy to execute and so refreshing when it’s hot outside. And even finicky kids usually like them – maybe even enough to help you make dinner.

I’m in love with Brazilian food and I’m only two recipes into it. That’s the magic of the new “Brazilian Barbecue & Beyond” by David Ponte, Jamie Barber and Lizzy Barber (Sterling Epicure, $24.95, 192 pages), who founded three branches of the Brazilian restaurant Cabana in London.

Dinner midweek can be such a challenge, but pair a package of pasta with some fresh veggies and you can have a meal so good that next time you might even make it on the weekend – or for guests.

Berry season comes early with some varieties already gone, but plenty of late blackberries should be ready for the picking real soon.

Blood orange sorbetto. Salted caramel gelato. Cheesecake ice cream.

When you discover foods that have a natural affinity for one another, it’s easy to find numerous excuses to enjoy them together.

This Greek sour milk cake is like the one at the Greek Festival.

I love to bake. I make pain au chocolat that my mom, bless her heart, says rivals what she’s had in Paris. But you can’t forget your roots, can you? In my family, baking tradition is very much rooted in humble mandelbread.

What to do on Father’s Day when it’s time to eat and you want to serve something manly and filling? Other than steak, that is.

Beef may claim to be what’s for dinner in America, but in the Middle East that honor often goes to lamb. It’s prepared in innumerable ways, but my favorite is when the lamb is ground, spiced and grilled, then topped with some kind of yogurt sauce and finally tucked into a pita. And that’s how we’re rolling here.

Janice Goehring of Gridley heard about the Monte Cristo sandwich and wanted to know how it was made.

A campfire sounded friendly, so I bought a fire pit. After I twisted the metal feet onto the metal bowl, I was stumped. Fire doesn’t require feet.

When chef Josh Feathers was growing up in Tennessee, his grandmother always had a jar of sorghum syrup in the cupboard. But he never gave much thought to it, or its significance to Southern culture.

We all know fire works wonders on meat and vegetables. But we often forget that it also can do amazing things for fruit.

Margaret Rhode of Rancho Cordova was looking for a place to buy good-quality, old-fashioned bologna.

That outdoor fire can be used for more than meat.

Deborah Madison revises her epic cookbook that offers a approach that’s comfortable to even the reluctant vegetable eater.

A lentil soup recipe request is answered.

Climbing temperatures are a cue that it’s time to scale back on deep red wines and heavy beers and start pointing customers to more refreshing options: crisp white wines, light beers and mixed drinks swimming with seasonal fruits, herbs and ice.

It’s cruel timing. Months go by without fresh local fruit, and then, it seems, everything comes in at once.

Grilling already has its steaks, slabs and skewers. With summer coming, maybe it’s time to slap another “s” down on that sizzlin’ hot grate – as in “stuffed.”

Homemade lemonade is an essential taste of summer. But concentrates and powders simply won’t suffice.

This is the season for baseball, backyard grill-fests and hot dogs galore. Americans will consume about 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council.

It’s barbecue season, and everyone is looking for new ways and helpful tips to get grilling.

Nancy Brewer of Sacramento was looking for suggestions on using leftover meatloaf besides spaghetti sauce.

What wrinkles? These dried plums can help you feel healthier (and regular).

When it comes to ice cream, I generally feel it’s hard to improve on a simple scoop right out of the carton. But this time my mind has turned to baked Alaska. I know … how retro!

The recipes for stews and roasts and thick soups (not to mention those big pots) are packed away. Tastes have turned to spring vegetables and lighter seasoning combinations.

Pam Braun knows firsthand the power of food. A late-stage cancer survivor, she’s sure that food saved her life – but only after she changed what she ate.

How many breakfasts in bed does it take for a mom to get sick of breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day?

Bill Kenney of Rescue is a big fan of the Korean Plaza Market in Rancho Cordova. The one thing he can't find on their menu is char siu. He was hoping someone could help.

When the Zac Brown Band hits the road, its members take their instruments, amps and a 54-foot custom food truck called “Cookie.”

You can spend lots of cash outfitting your kitchen – with designer pots and pans, with gadgets large and small – and wonder where all the money went. That’s not the case with cast iron. It’s inexpensive, sturdy as a tank, versatile as a Swiss Army knife and, best of all, will probably outlive you.

With spring in the air, coconut cake seemed like the perfect recipe to offer readers. But which cake?

My son’s fourth grade math homework has taught me an incredibly valuable lesson. About bourbon.

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