Survey: Drunk driving common among Sacramento high school students

04/21/2014 10:05 AM

04/21/2014 1:19 PM

One in five 11th-graders at Twin Rivers, Sacramento City and San Juan school districts have either driven a car immediately after drinking alcohol or rode in the car with a friend who had been drinking, according to a new school survey.

The 2012-13 California Healthy Kids Survey asked students to anonymously detail how often they drank alcohol and when they did it. It found that most 11th-graders admitted to previously drinking at least one full alcoholic beverage, and roughly one in four had consumed a full drink in the last month.

About 10 percent of 11th-graders at each school district said they had driven a car after drinking alcohol or rode with someone who had been drinking on at least three separate occasions. Another 10 percent said they'd done it once or twice.

Roughly 25 percent of fatal accidents involving teen drivers happen after the teen had been drinking alcohol, according to the California Highway Patrol. It's illegal for Californians under 21 to drink any amount of alcohol before driving.

This chart shows the proportion of local 11th-graders who answered yes to the following questions about alcohol use:

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Question Twin Rivers Sacramento City San Juan
Ever had a full alcoholic beverage? 54% 56% 56% Had a drink in last 30 days? 23% 25% 27% Ever been very drunk? 29% 33% 35% Like to drink until really drunk? 10% 9% 11% Driven after drinking or rode with drunk friend? 20% 20% 19% Ever used alcohol on school property? 24% 26% 22% Easy to get alcohol? 64% 69% 72%