Tag Style Test

11/04/2013 8:16 AM

11/04/2013 8:17 AM

Unclassified strong

SPAN leadin

strong leadin

Unclassified strong

SPAN factbox_bold

strong factbox_bold

Unclassified strong

SPAN howto_bold

strong howto_bold

Unclassified strong

SPAN l_title

strong l_title

Unclassified strong

SPAN l_region_location

strong l_region_location

Unclassified strong

SPAN tagname_name

em tagname_name

Unclassified em

SPAN tagname_contrib

em tagname_contrib

Unclassified em

SPAN endnote_contrib

em endnote_contrib

Unclassified em

SPAN signature

em signature

Unclassified em

SPAN factbox_head

h3 factbox_head

Unclassified h3

SPAN howto_head

h3 howto_head

Unclassified h3

SPAN subhead

h4 subhead

Unclassified h4

SPAN subhead_lead

h4 subhead_lead

Unclassified h4

SPAN l_category

h4 l_category

Unclassified h4

SPAN factbox_subhead

h4 factbox_subhead

Unclassified h4

SPAN l_category_sub

h5 l_category_sub
Unclassified h5

SPAN factbox_label

h5 factbox_label
Unclassified h5

SPAN howto_subhead

h5 howto_subhead
Unclassified h5

SPAN l_info

h6 l_info
Unclassified h6

SPAN l_region_sub

small l_region_sub

Unclassified small

SPAN bold

b bold

Unclassified b

SPAN itallic

i itallic

Unclassified i

SPAN underline

u underline

Unclassified u


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