Leading Off: Giants should let A's move to San Jose

11/06/2013 12:00 AM

11/06/2013 7:40 AM

The Giants should simplify baseball life in the Bay Area and give up their silly claim to San Jose as part of their fan territory.

Let the A's work out a move to the South Bay, build a great little stadium there and thrive.

It beats the alternatives.

Do the Giants really want Major League Baseball to order them to share AT&T Park with their cross-bay rivals? Imagine both teams playing 81 home games in that stadium every season. The place would become a goat path.

Box the A's into a position where their only option is the dumpish O.co Coliseum? The original Colosseum in Rome is more suitable. And its plumbing is better, albeit two millennia old.

Coco Crisp in USA Today characterized Oakland's stadium, home to the A's since 1968 (46 seasons and counting; the Giants played at much-reviled Candlestick Park for a mere 40 seasons) as "rugged." That's nice-speak for an awful pit of despair.

With the A's apparently signing on for another stretch at O.co, baseball and the Giants have time to reflect: Would the A's in San Jose really hurt the Giants?

AT&T is basically a mint, allowing the Giants to make money on everything from continual sellouts (40,000-plus fans attended September games with the team double digits out of the pennant race) to $9 Budweisers to $30 parking. People beg to spend money there.

And the A's are going to stomp all over that racket? Doubtful.

A move to San Jose would allow the A's and their fans to pursue their small-market dreams without toilets backing up into the concourse.

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