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Final thoughts about departing Kings guard Jimmer Fredette

02/26/2014 5:57 PM

10/08/2014 11:40 AM

Here are a few final thoughts on Jimmer Fredette, soon to be a former member of the Kings organization:

* I understand why he pursued a buyout. The backup guard was in the midst of his best season (47.5 percent from the field, 49.3 from three-point range), but averaging only 11 minutes, down from 18 minutes during his rookie 2011-12 year. Then there was the matter of being on a roster overloaded with undersized guards.

* Time, place, circumstances matter. While his trade value was minimal before the Feb. 20 deadline, in the right situation, and when utilized in catch-and-shoot situations and not asked to handle the ball against pressure, he can help a team. The Kings’ overdribbling disease - pound, pound, pound - was contagious, but those shooting percentages shouldn’t be ignored.

* His size - 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds - was problematic. But Steve Kerr and John Paxson, among others of similar physical stature, enjoyed long careers and made a nice living shooting open jumpers. Imagine if he had received consistent playing time? Or played on a team with ball movers? I still think he can be an effective off-bench contributor ... somewhere out there.

* For all the criticism about his defense, he was a more physical defender this season.

* Finally, both Fredette and the recently-traded Marcus Thornton are class acts. Hope things work out for both of them.

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