The Sacramento Media Landscape

As with many areas nationwide the Sacramento region continues to access the Internet at increasing rates. Currently 73% of area adults have accessed the Internet in the past month. Moreover, 59% are now accessing via a broadband or high-speed connection fueling a even greater shift of news and information towards the Web.

Eight in ten area households are subscribers to either cable or satellite television, with half subscribing to satellite television a regional anomaly that continues to impact how area households interact with television based news and information.

The region’s general affluent and early adoption rates of new technology continue. Currently, 8% of area households are satellite radio subscribers—a rate 36% higher than the national norm and tied for highest west of the Mississippi. Additionally, one in four households has an mp3 player and 34% own a DVR device.

Lastly, newspaper and Internet use in Sacramento continues to be stronger than the other 25 largest metro markets in the Nation. Newspaper readership and Internet access rates in Sacramento place the region 14th among the Nation’s 25 largest markets — ahead of Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix. Moreover, usage of radio ranks a low 23rd, broadcast television ranks 25th and cable usage is 23rd.

Sources: Scarborough 2007, Release 2, Claritas, October 2007 & Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy, California County Projections, 2007 Edition


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