Email Marketing

Give Your Business Targeted Desktop Delivery—Bee Email Advertising

Bee Email Advertising provides four options to meet your needs:
  • Solo Email Marketing – Your Bee-sponsored message is delivered directly to interested, opt-in recipients. Target customers by affinity, demographic and geography.
  • Daily Morning Bulletin – Sent each morning, the daily news bulletin gives you the opportunity to advertise to individuals interested in Politics, Business, Sports and more.
  • Weekly Newsletters – Entertainment, Taste and Travel newsletters are distributed weekly so you can target customers interested in movies, dining, casinos and more.
  • Niche Site Newsletters – Each Bee Niche Web site maintains its own weekly Email Newsletter, giving you the opportunity to target local mothers (SacMomsClub.com), 18-34 year-old entertainment seekers (SacLights.com), affluent pet owners (SacPaws.com), California's influential political professionals (CapitolAlert.com), and Sacramento's wine enthusiasts (SacWineRegion.com).

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