Related Bee coverage of biotech issues:

March 12, 2005 Bee wins finalist honors for two series

Dec. 16, 2004 Open-field 'pharma' is targeted

Dec. 1, 2004 UCD cleared in seed mix-up

Oct. 28, 2004 Voters may set biotech future

Sept. 21, 2004 Biotech grass found far afield

Aug. 16, 2004 Biotech bans finally arouse farm industry

Aug. 4, 2004 Trinity bans biotech farming

Aug. 1, 2004 Report: Five-year deal with Novartis hurt UC Berkeley

July 28, 2004 Panel: Monitor biotech foods

July 22, 2004 Groups target altering of rice

July 18, 2004 Rice growers fear biotech ban

June 25, 2004 Opinion: Biotech - Keep it, but regulate it

June 20, 2004 Editorial: Rethink biotech safety

June 13, 2004 Editorial: The public domain

June 10, 2004 Biotech firm seeks friendlier fields afar

June 9, 2004 No mass presence at protest

June 8, 2004 World battles over biotech firms in S.F.

June 7, 2004 Biotech sees role in obesity fight

June 6, 2004 Reaping the rebound: West Sac firm hopes to ride biotech wave

June 5, 2004 Biotechnology, S.F. activism collide Sunday at conference

May 18, 2004 U.N.: Biotech ignores Third World

May 12, 2004 Rice panel urged to get new lawyer - conflict alleged: The attorney works for a firm that has big biotech clients

May 11, 2004 Biotech wheat program shelved: Growers' resistance proves too much for Monsanto

May 6, 2004 In-transition AgraQuest hires CEO

April 30, 2004 UC Davis to help promote biotech crops

April 10, 2004 Protein rice suffers setback: Ruling allows more public comment on engineered crops

March 30, 2004 Panel OKs bid to raise modified rice

March 23, 2004 Alfalfa partnership sprouts to develop salt-tolerant crop: Davis biotech startup and giant Woodland seed company are combining forces

March 5, 2004 Biotech ban may sprout others: Mendocino County's action rattles genetic engineering industry

March 3, 2004 Anti-biotech measure approved: Mendocino's Measure H backers overcome a huge fund-raising disadvantage

February 24, 2004 Altered genes found in seeds: Study shows a broad invasion in canola, soybeans and corn

February 21, 2004 Mendocino message: A county ballot measure to ban genetically engineered crops draws national interest -- and big money -- from both sides

January 25, 2004 Biotech company cultivates new field

January 21, 2004 Biotech plants get legal test

January 19, 2004 Unlikely hero: Canadian farmer stands up against Monsanto in biotech battle

January 3, 2004 Mendocino new biotech battlefield

December 31, 2003 Mix-up leaves biotech project at CSUS withering on the vine

December 31, 2003 Ballot wording kept

December 19, 2003 Biotech seeds shipped in error: Over a 7-year period, UCD sent researchers the tomato samples

December 12, 2003 UCD genetic studies boosted: $10 million in grants will help research on wheat and rice crops

December 5, 2003 Hot debate over biotech wheat: FDA's review of product is expected soon

December 4, 2003 'GloFish' won't be lighting up the state

December 4, 2003 Biotech food ban faces March vote

November 20, 2003 UC Berkeley's research deal still a hot issue: The partnership with Novartis supplied welcome funds but raised concern about control and secrecy

November 19, 2003 Biotech critics gain a victory: Mendocino voters may decide on local ban of altered crops

November 12, 2003 Seeds of worry on Roundup: The heavy use of the popular herbicide is spawning weeds that resist it

October 29, 2003 Biotech partnership

October 16, 2003 UCD opens cutting-edge ag complex: The $18 million plan science facilities combine traditional farming with high-tech research

October 4, 2003 Mendocino anti-biotech petitions are turned in

September 26, 2003 Seeds of dissent: Anti-biotech effort takes root

September 18, 2003 Confusion, ignorance about biotech food

August 11, 2003 Altered meat, milk waiting in the wings: Even if the FDA gives consent, will the public go for them?

July 22, 2003 2 area winners from ag meeting: AgraQuest and UC Davis draw inquiries on several fronts from foreign nations

July 22, 2003 Study boosts biotech foods

July 12, 2003 Report: Biotech buys D.C. clout

July 11, 2003 UCD joins biotech drive on hunger

June 29, 2003 Sowing seeds of change: 'Sustainable' farming and its environmental concerns get new push at UC Davis

June 26, 2003 Water -- more than biotechnology -- was on the minds of many delegates

June 25, 2003 Expo a crossroad of ideas: Some attendees are straying from the ag event's theme

June 24, 2003 Protest loud, mostly peaceful: Officers, out in full force, make just nine arrests

June 24, 2003 1,000 pack theater for public debate on biotechnology: The heavily policed event was spirited but mostly civil

June 23, 2003 Massive protest roils downtown: 20 arrested as 2,000 demonstrate against international ag conference

June 23, 2003 Biotech is hot topic at meeting

June 23, 2003 Pope to receive report on genetically altered foods

June 22, 2003 Early expo protesters peaceable

June 18, 2003 Everyone's thinking green: Police, activists, businesses clear the decks for ag expo

June 15, 2003 Biotech and hunger -- empty promises? Critics will confront scientists on genetic modification of food

How to learn more


“Bioevolution: How Biotechnology is Changing Our World” by Michael Fumento, journalist and author.

“Dangerous Liaisons” by UC Riverside geneticist Norman Ellstrand.

“Dinner at the New Gene Café” by Bill Lambrecht, reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“The Doubly Green Revolution” by Gordon Conway, Rockefeller Foundation president.

“Eating in the Dark” by Kathleen Hart, health journalist.

“First Fruit” by Belinda Martineau, a scientist living in Davis who worked on the Flavr Savr tomato.

“Food, Inc.” by journalist Peter Pringle.

“Food's Frontier” by journalist Richard Manning.

“Lords of the Harvest” by journalist Daniel Charles, a regular contributor to National Public Radio.

“Safe Food: Bacteria, Biotechnology and Bioterrorism” by New York University nutritionist Marion Nestle.

“Seeds of Contention” by Per Pinstrup-Andersen and Ebbe Schioler, world development specialists.

“Seeds of Deception” by activist Jeffrey Smith.

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Information Systems for Biotechnology, part of the USDA's National Biological Impact Assessment Program:

AGBIOS, a Canadian company that provides public policy, regulatory, and risk assessment expertise:

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U.S. biotech information from USDA, FDA and EPA:

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UC Davis biotechnology program:

UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center:

Cornell University Public Issues Education Project:

Center for Food Safety:

Center for Science in the Public Interest:

Consumers Union:

Ecologic Inc. manages site for consortium of scientific, environmental and consumer organizations:

Institute of Science in Society:

International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications:

The Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology:

Union of Concerned Scientists:

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Biotechnology Industry Organization, the leading industry group:

Bayer CropScience:


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Ventria Bioscience, a Sacramento company developing pharmaceutical rice:

Source: Bee research by Edie Lau and Mike Lee