Learning More

Chapter One: Oil

 Energy and fuel alternatives


"Amazon Crude," Judith Kimerling, Natural Resources Defense Council, 1991

"Cradle to Cradle," William McDonough and Michael Braungart, North Point Press, 2002

"Eco-Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth," Lester R. Brown. Earth Policy Institute. WW Norton & Co., NY. 2001 or view for free at: www.earth-policy.org/Books/Eco_contents.htm

"Ecuador's Oil: Beggars in a Bag of gold," www.globalaware.org/Main.htm

"Indians, Oil, and Politics: A Recent History of Ecuador," Allen Gerlack, Scholarly Resources, 2003

"Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution," Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins

"The Paradox of Plenty: Oil Booms and Petro-States, (Studies in International Political Economy, No 26)," Terry Lynn Karl, Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997.

"Rights Violations in the Ecuadorian Rainforest: The Human Rights Consequences of Oil Development," Center for Economic and Social Rights March 1994, www.cesr.org/text%20files/oil-1.pdf, http://www.cesr.org/text%20files/oil-2.pdf, http://www.cesr.org/text%20files/oil-appendix.pdf

"Victims of Progress," John H.Bodley, Mayfield Publishing Company 1998

"Savages," Joe Kane, Alfred A. Knopf, 1995.

"Who Pays the Price? The Sociocultural Context of Environmental Crisis," Barbara Rose Johnston, ed. Island Press, 1994

 Organizations and companies

Circle of Life Foundation
Julia Butterfly Hill's odyssey in Ecuador in opposition to the OCP oil pipeline (includes photos and news articles)

Rainforest Action Network
221 Pine St. Suite 500
San Francisco, Calif. 94104
(415) 398-4404

Texaco, Inc.
ChevronTexaco Corporation

6001 Bollinger Canyon Road
San Ramon, Calif. 94583
(925) 842 1000

Amazon Watch


Chapter Two: Wood

 Timber alternatives


"The Great Northern Forest Boreal," Fen Montaigne, National Geographic, June 2002. Web summary of article at: http://magma.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0206/feature2/index.html

"Vanishing Halo: Saving the Boreal Forest," Daniel Gawthorpe,Vancouver: Greystone Books, 1999.

"Boreal Forest," Dane Lanken, Canadian Geographic (May/June1996), 26-33.

"The Dispossessed: Life and Death in Native Canada," GeoffreyYork, Boston: Little, Brown and Co. (Canada), 1992.

"The Illusion of Preservation: A Global Environmental Argument forthe Local Production of Natural Resources," Mary M. Berlik, David B. Kittredge and David R. Foster. Harvard Forest Paper No. 26. Web site: http://lternet.edu/hfr/publication/pdf/illusion.pdf

"Competing Realities: The Boreal Forest at Risk, Report of the Sub-Committee on Boreal Forest of the Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry," Web site: www.parl.gc.ca/36/1/parlbus/commbus/senate/com-e/bore-e/rep-e/rep09jun99-e.htm

"Canada's Forests at a Crossroads: An Assessment in the Year 2000," World Resources Institute, Web site: www.globalforestwatch.org/common/canada/report.pdf

 Organizations and companies

Boreal Forest Network

Resources for the Future - Forests

Peaceful Parks Coalition

Taiga Rescue Network

Forest Ethics

BorealForest.org (Lakehead University Dept. of Forestry)

Abitibi Consolidated


Alberta Forest Products Association

Chapter Three: Fish

 Choices for eating fish


"Responsible Fisheries Summary: Responsible Fishing in Canada, 1998," Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Web site: www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/communic/fish_man/resp98/index_e.htm

"Fish, Markets, and Fishermen: The Economics of Overfishing," Suzanne Iudicello et al., Island Press, 1999.

Management of Pacific Rockfish," an American Fisheries Report, www.fisheries.org/fisheries/archive/FISHMarch22-29.pdf

"Rockfish Report: The Status of West Coast Rockfish 1999," Pacific Marine Conservation Council, Web site: www.pmcc.org/RockfishReport/index.html

"Song for the Blue Ocean," Carl Safina. N.Y.: Henry Holt & Co. 1998

"Just Fish: Ethics and Canadian Marine Fisheries," edited by Harold Coward, Rosemary Ommer and Tony Pitcher, go to www.mun.ca/iser/books/b84.html for order info.


BC Seafood Alliance

Fishermen's Marketing Association

The Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Fisheries Ltd.

Pacific Fishery Management Council

Pacific Marine Conservation Council

Responsible Fishing in Canada

Sierra Club of British Columbia

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