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To:        Cynthia Harrison Barbera[]
From:      Linda P.B. Katehi
Sent:      Sun 11/27/2011 5:44:39 AM
Subject:   Fwd: [chancellorkatehi] Re: Faculty and Staff Town Hall Meeting - my input


Thank you for your email.
Please see below. I missed adding your email address on the previous email.



Linda Katehi
Chancellor UC Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
Tel: (530) 752-2067

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   From: Grisetda Castro <>
   Date: November 26, 2011 8:27:24 PM PST
   To: Gary A Delsohn <>
   Cc: "Linda P.B. Katehi" <.;,r   Katehi ~>, "Michael F. Sweeney"
   <>, Ralph J Hexter <hexter@ucdavis edu>, Steven Drown
   <>, Karl M Engelbach <kmen   >
   Subject: Re: [chancellorkatehi] Re: Faculty and Staff Town Hall Meeting - my

   Dear Linda and Gary

   Happy to help. Laurie is a very well respected professor and researcher in the area
   of white privilege. Gary, when is the best time to call you.


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On Nov 26, 2011, at 6:11 PM, "Gary A Delsohn" <£adelsohn@ucdavis~edu> wrote:

   Happy to do w that guidance on appropriate response.

  On Nov 26, 2011, at 5:30 PM, "Linda P.B. Katehi" 4      Katehi      !> wrote:

      Griselda and Colleagues

     This is another email I would like to respond to. Between Griselda and Mike
     we should develop guidance for Gary to help me with a response. Please let
     me know what you think.



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         From: Karl M Engelbach <    >
         Bate: November 26, 2011 5:23:55 PM PST
         To: "Linda P.B. Katehi"
         Subject: Fwd: [chancellorkatehi] Re: Faculty and Staff Town Hall
         Meeting - my input


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From: Mitchel Benson <>
Date: November 26, 2011 4:54:45 PM PST
To: Karl M Engelbach <kmen >
Cc: Cynthia Harrison Barbera <>, Claudia
Morain <cmmorain@ucdavis edu>
Subject: Fwd: [chancellorkatehi] Re: Faculty and Staff Town Hall
Meeting - my input

FYI/just one of the 1200-plus emails we’ve received, but this author
expressed an urgency for the chancellor to see it.

Mitchel Benson
Associate Vice Chancellor, University Communications
Cell: ~
Office: 530-752-9844

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   From: Laurie Lippin __
   Date: November 26, 2011 4:20:12 PM PST
   To: <>
   Subject: [chancellorkatehi] Re: Faculty and Staff Town Hall
   Meeting - my input

    Dear Chancellor Katehi,
    I will be unable to attend the Faculty and Staff Town Hall but have
   important information to share with you, and I beg that you get to
   read this personally. One area has to do with your relationship to
   the general body of student protestors. The other has to do with my
   suggestion of a response to the campus police force’s continued
   unacceptable behavior based on pervasive cultural incompetency
   marked by regular incidents of racist profiling of our students. If we
   are still honoring "in Ioco parentis", we have been doing a terrible
   job for our students of color. The pepper spray incident merely
   popped the cork, and then, so coincidentally on a group of primarily
   white students. And oh, the outcry!
For the record, my expertise is in diversity and cultural competency,
both inside and outside the university, maintaining an international
training and consulting business (Equity Action, LLC), and teaching
CRD2: Ethnicity in American Communities for UCDavis since the
’80’s. In 2001, I published a book about White Privilege, Unraveling
Whiteness: Tools for the Journey, (Kendall-Hunt, 2001) which is
used in universities all over the country.

1. When last I saw my CRD2 students, you had just spoken at the
Assembly and I was getting their feedback about your impact on
them. They were not pleased, they were cynical, and dis-satisfied.
 When I asked them what you could have done differently, they
said, "we got that she felt bad and she apologized, but she didn’t
take responsibility". That concept I believe is key here. They will
better accept an admission of responsibility, admission of a terrible
complicity in the conditions resulting in this terrible injustice, and a
commitment to make changes as well as reparations.

2. The campus police force is an antagonistic presence for our
students of color. Weekly, in my class, during "check-in" we all
hear testimony from our students of color (male primarily)who
experienced micro and macroaggressions from campus police.
 Here are some recent examples.

"1 was leaning on my car, drinking a soda, when the police car
stopped. The officer said, "what are you doing here?" I was
across the street from my apartment and told him so.

"1 was walking with my 3 white buddies, after a party, and I was
walking behind them. The cops stopped me and told the 3 white
guys to keep going while they arrested me. We were all in the
same condition but they told them to go ahead and took me in."

"They always come to our fraternity parties, and follow us to the
after -party. They don’t do that to the white fraternities."

In their papers and on panels of like-ethnicities, I have heard
repeatedly that many students of color had not experienced racism
personally in their lives until they came to UC Davis. Much of this
from campus police as well as at the hands of police from the City
of Davis. Retail racism is also practiced in Davis. Perhaps you are
not aware of this. My female students of color have reported being
harassed off campus by white male students who shout slurs at
them from passing vans. I have been told that the mother of one
room, out of fear for her safety. The recent Townhall meeting
dedicated itself to sharing about the hate crimes on campus; many
other incidents go unmarked, unreported, and unknown to
administration. These facts are part of the campus climate that
must be addressed.

My suggestion is that you require campus police to take my class,
with the students. They would learn exactly what they need to
learn, or they would reveal themselves as incapable of unbiased
behavior. As a diversity consultant, I know the kinds of workshops
that could be delivered in response to a problem such as we have
experienced. But I also know the inadequacy of that approach. I
believe our campus police need to have the opportunity to study
social justice issues, in learning relationships with the students they

   About the class. CRD2 : Ethnicity in American Communities is
   an award winning class about race relations, social identity, and
   the oppression of dominants against subordinates. Many of the
   125 students experience life changing education based on their
   new understanding, compassion, and commitment to action
   around issues of oppression, be it race/ethnicity, sex, sexual
   orientation, or class. They study social justice, and they learn to
   love and appreciate one another across race and ethnic
   differences. They are well poised to recognize the salient
   issues here; this situation has become their live case study.
    One prominent protestor recently wrote to me, " I value your
   class very much as a pivotal part of my education at Davis. I
   believe you, along with the TAs created a safe space for
   extremely productive and sometimes frustrating dialogue. It is by
   working through that frustration, which I saw a lot of in your
   class, that change is often made within ourselves."

I hope my comments will be useful to you, Chancellor, you are in
the spotlight the most difficult of situations. I love UC Davis, and
believe we can come out of this changed and improved for the
better. I am available for any support I can provide as we continue
in dialogue with our students.

Respectfully yours, Laurie B. Lippin

Laurie Lippin, Ph.D.
Community and Regional Development
U. of CA Davis
One Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616

On Nov 23,2011, at 6:43 PM, Chancellor Katehi wrote:

   Faculty and staff are invited to a town hall meeting on Tuesday,
   November 29, in Freeborn Hall from 4:00-5:30 p.m. The
   meeting will be an open discussion with Chancellor Linda P.B.
   Katehi, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph Hexter,
   and Matt Carmichael, Acting Chief of the UC Davis Police

   For background regarding the use of pepper spray against
   protesters last week and the campus response, please see
   ~:// .


   Linda P.B. Katehi