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September 13, 2009
49ers-Cardinals in game

AZ at own 12 ... Warner to Hightower for nine yards ... spike with :23 ... Pass to Fitz for 25 ... Spike with :8 ... Last play .... Warner sacked by Justin Smith.

SF at own 34 ... Gore gains four; AZ calls 2nd time out with 1:44 remaining ... Gore dives for two; AZ calls last time out with 1:40 remaining ... 3rd and 4 from the 41 ... Gore tackled by Geral Hayes (again) for a loss of two ...PUNT ... Good punt by Lee. Cards take over at own 12 with :43 and no time outs. They need a TD ...

AZ at SF 36 ... False start backs them up five ... Inc. on first down, also holding on AZ ... makes it 1st and 25 on AZ 47 ... Pass to Hightower gains 7 ... Pass to Urban ... Pass to Urban is inc. and sets up a 4th and five at the SF 33 at 2 min. warning ... Warner hit by Smith as he throws. Ball is incomplete ... 49ers take over at the 34 ... AZ has two time outs left ...

SF at own 2 ... I was wrong. It was a Norris run, gains 2 ... Gore runs, gains one ... Draw to Gore loses four. Baas missed initial block; Snyder missed follow up ... Andy Lee punts with his heels to the back of his end zone, gets off a great punt, but it's returned all the way to the 49ers' 36 ...

AZ takes over at own 16 with 7:21 left ... Warner to Fitz, gain of 7 ... Warner to Fitz, gain of 6 ... Warner inc. to Fitz (guess who is favorite target is?) ... Warner to Urban, gain of 5 ... 3rd and five ... Warner to Fitz inc. PUNT ... it's a great one, pinning 49ers at own 2 ... (I sense a run to Gore in our immediate futures).

SF takes over at own 20 ... Passes to B ruce and to Davis (19) bring ball to the 45 ... Hill throws into triple coverage, ball nearly picked off ... 2nd down pass to Davis, gain of five ... Pass to Bruce, gain of five ... 1st down at AZ 45 .... 15-yarder to Davis is dropped .... Gore hit by Hayes, gain of three ... 3rd and 7 pass to Bruce goes for 13 ... Hill threw that well before Bruce made his break ... 1st down at AZ 29 ... Hill to Battle; nice cut back gains 11 yards ... ball at 19 ... Hill misdirection to Davis loses 1 yard ... Hill has time, finds Davis, gain of 12 ... 1st and goal at the 8 .... Gore up the middle, doesn't follow lead blocker and gains only one ... Pass to Walker is a bit behind, but offsides on defense m oves ball to the 4 ... 2nd and goal ... Pass to Bruce broken up and deflected and nearly intercepted .... Play clock ticks down and Hill has to burn timeout ... Anyone else getting deja vu? ... All out blitz, Hill reads it and flips it to a wide open Gore for TD ... SF 20, AZ 16 .... Best drive of the day. it goes 80 yards and eats up more than 7 minutes.

Warner inc. to Hightower ... Rackers 43-yard field goal gives Cards first lead of the day .... 16-13 ....

4th Q (I'm going to be tuning out soon to start working on tomorrow's stories) ...

AZ takes over at 39 ... Warner to Urban for 10 ... AZ offense is starting to come to life ... Warner to Boldin for big gain ... Wells tackled by Harris, gain of six ... 2nd and 6 on SF 23 .... Wells tripped up by Franklin, loses 2 ... 3rd and 9 on 25 ... END OF THIRD Q

SF takes over at own 18 ... Hill pass to Norris skips incomplete ... 2nd down pass well over Bruce's head ... Hill sacked by Berry, was flushed by campbell, who got around Snyder on the play ... PUNT

AZ takes over at own 32 ... Pass to Fitz, gain of 18 ... 1st and 10 at own 49 ... Wells runs, gains 16 ... Wells gains 8 ... Warner flushed, gains 1 ... 3rd and 1 ... Warner flips to Hightower, runs for 23 to the 4 ... t.o. AZ ... Wells tripped up by Bly, finished off by Willis -1 ... Warner flushed but finds Fitzgerald for five-yard score. Game tied. How will 49ers respond?

SF takes over at own 20 .... Shocker! Gore runs on first down, gain of 2 ... Gore loses 1 ... 3rd and nine, draw to Gore, gain of four ... PUNT ...

AZ at own 34 ... on radio, they said that Warner hurt his hand, but he's on field ... hits TE for three yards on first .... Hightower hit by Clements, loses 2 ... 3rd and nine ... another dump to Hightower (49ers should be wary of this by now) and he scampers for 10 ... Willis overpowers tackle and then stops Hightower for no gain ... Pass to Boldin broken up by Bly ... 3rd and 10 ... Warner inc. to Fitz ... PUNT .... touchback ....

SF begins at own 20 ... Gore gains four ... Gore gains zero ...Quick out to Gore incomplete ... PUNT .... Az takes over at own 34 ....

2nd HALF

AZ at own 40 ... Dump to Hightower gains 14 ... Another flip to Hightower gains 13 ... 1st down at SF 33 ... Warner sacked by McDonald, AZ takes last time out ... Pass to Urban, gain of six ... 3rd and nine ... Warner hit by Haralson again, throw to Fitz is complete, gain 10 .... 1st down at SF 23 ... AZ kicking field goal with 11 seconds left ... 40 yarder is good but unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the 49ers moves the ball to the SF 12. Warner is now back in the game ... End zone pass to Fitz broken up by Clements ... 30-yard field goal with five seconds is good, end of HALF ... SF 13, AZ 6 ...

SF takes over at 34 of AZ ... Gore gains five on first down ... 2-min. warning ... Snyder steamrolled by Dockett, who sacks Hill for minus-14 ... Hill nearly sacked on following play, too, this time by Antrel Rolle .... Play is under review. Hill was hit as he was throwing, ball came out of his hands forward, Cardinals picked it up and ran in for a TD ... The question is whether it was an incomplete pass or fumble, officials appeared to have blown whistle before TD was scored ... Official reverses call, AZ takes over at AZ 40 ...

AZ takes over at own 20 w/ 2:23 left in half, one t.o. left ... on first down, Warner flushed, hit as he throws and picked off by Clements ... Haralson flushed him and Lawson and Smith hit Warner as he threw ...

49ers take over at 32 ... Gore gains three ... Gore gains two ... 3rd and five at own 37 ... Hill short pass to Gore, spins and picks up 7 .... 1st down at own 44 ... Downfield pass to Walker over his head ... Another pass to Walker inc. 3rd and 10 ... Hill deep downfield to Bruce who is wide open, tackled at the 6 yard line, gain of 50 ... 1st and goal, Gore busts through for TD ... The 50-yarder is Shaun Hill's longest ever pass ... 49ers 13, AZ 3 ...

AZ at own 23 ... Run to Hightower gains three ... Warner to Boldin, gains five ... 3rd and two ... Pass is tipped incomplete by Brown ... PUNT

SF takes over at own 27 ... Gore loses three yards on first down ... downfield pass to Davis is overthrown ... third and 13 ... Over-the-middle pass to Battle gains 13 (ish) ... measure shows them three inches short ... PUNT .... AZ takes over at own 23 ...

AZ takes over at own 11 ... Beanie Wells carries, gains none ... Haralson gets his second sack, loss of six ... 3rd and 16 ... AZ time out ... Warner pressured, toss to Hightower gains nine ... PUNT ... Rossum takes 56-yard punt, goes backward ... Also an illegal block in the back ... 49ers take over on the 27 ...

SF takes over at own 22 ... Hill to Davis for five ...Gore carries, goes nowhere (again) ... Niners have minus-1 yards rushing thus far ... Nice pass from Hill to Josh Morgan on crossing route, gain of 14 ... 1st down at own 40 ... Dockett sacks Hill but was offsides ... Bruce tackled by Dansby on end around, loses 8 yards ... Hill fires (Hill?) to the sideline; nice toe-tap by Morgan for 11 yards ... 3rd and two ... screen to Gore knocked down by 6-8 DE Calais Campbell ... PUNT

2Q ... Warner flushed by Haralson, completes to Hightower, gain of 7 ... 3rd and 8 ... Warner to Boldin is incomplete, nearly picked off by Bly ... Rackers from 44 is good, SF 6, AZ 0

AZ takes over at 22 ... Warner deep downfield to Urban in front of Clements, gain of 40 ... Time out AZ ... False start on tight end ... 1st and 15 on SF 43 .... Warner dump to Hightower, rare mistackle by Willis, gain of 15 ... Warner misses handoff and is sacked by Haralson, loss of five yards ... 2nd and 15 at SF 33, end 1Q ....

SF drive on the 44 ... Misdirection screen to Walker gains 17 ... Hill downfield to Vernon Davis, Davis extends and is plastered by Adrian Wilson, who is flagged for unnecessary roughness ... 1st down on AZ 24 ... Gore up middle, no gain ... Hill flushed, throws ball away ... Hill sacked on third down, Cards bring six ... Nedney 50 yarder is good ... 49ers 6, AZ 0 ... Marcus Hudson has a chest contusion. He's getting x-rays and is questionable to return ...

AZ hit with another penalty on kickoff, start at own 8 ... Hightower outside gains one ...Good pressure by Haralson, J. Smith on Warner, pass incomplete ... 3rd and 9 dump to Hightower who again is wrapped up by Willis, gain of five, PUNT ... 49ers set up a reverse on punt return, Rossum to Clements. Twelve-men penalty on the 49ers costs them 5 yards, great field position and results in a first down for Cardinals ... Big mistake ... AZ ball at own 19 ... Singletary challenging the ruling ... and WINS ... only 11 were on the field. Nice counting, ref ...

49ers ball on AZ 36 ... Short pass to Gore, turns upfield for 8 yards ... Offsides on Adrian Wilson = first down at the AZ 23 ... Gore tackled by Karlos Dansby after three-yard gain ... Gore up the middle for 1 ... 3rd and six ... End-zone pass to Morgan is knocked out; could have been pass interference on the CB who never turned his head before crashing into Morgan. No call ... Nedney connects from 37 yards; 49ers 3, AZ 0 ... 49ers look like they're still trying to get in sync; Arizona, however, looks even worse ...

Cards ball on 28 .... Hightower hit by Lawson after minimal gain ... Big gain by Fitgerald, but he shoved Clements on the play and is flagged for offensive p.i.; Cards lose 10 yards ... 2nd and 19 .... Off-sides AZ backs them up five more yards ... Hightower middle gains six ... Pass to Jerheme Aurban picked off by Patrick Willis at the AZ 36 ....

49ers ball on own 26 ... Bruce and Morgan the WRs, .... SURPRISE! handoff to Gore on first down, loses two yards ... Spurlock in at slot, draw to Gore loses two more ... Third and 14 ... Pass to Morgan for 12 yards ... PUNT ... Spurlock and T. Broown the gunners on punt coverage... Cards take over at own 28 ....

1Q: AZ takes over at own 20 ... 49ers begin in base defense ... Warner misfires on first down .... Hightower hit by Lewis, gain of four .... Warner incomplete on third down but penalty on Justin Smith keeps drive alive .... 1st down pass tipped by Isaac Sopoaga ...Hightower strung out nicely by Goldson, gains two .... third and eight from 31, Warner short pass to Hightower, hit immediately by Willis ... PUNT, Rossum returns to the 26 .....

Arizona wins the toss and elects to receive. That's smart. The Cardinals want to get the 49ers off their run-first game plan as early as possible ...

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