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May I vent for a moment about clueless -- or just plain rude -- motorists when it comes to dealing with cyclists?

Let me preface this rant by saying that the vast majority of drivers are respectful and tolerant of bike riders and that, in some cases, cyclists can endanger cars.

Still, an incident on the ride into work still bothers me.

It happened at the intersection of Q and 15th streets. I was headed east into the heart of Midtown Sacramento and, just before the light, the far right lane becomes a right-turn only lane (clearly marked) and the left lane can either go straight or turn left.

So, the light turns red and, nearing the intersection, I migrate left to exit the far right lane and go to the far right side of the left (non-turn) lane. Well, a sedan pulls up in the turn lane and a woman rolls down her window and calls me a hazard for being what she calls "in the middle of the road." 

She wanted me to stay in the right lane, as near to the curb as I could get. In actuality, doing that would've made me a hazard for any car wanting to turn right once the light changed to green. I mentioned something to that effect to her, but she still thought what I was doing is illegal. 

Memo to the DMV: How about if you include more questions for motorists about dealing with bikes on the driver's test?  


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