A Sacramento mom dishes on parenting, family and everything in between

Parents are increasingly ditching disposable training pants in an effort to save money.

The Associated Press' Betsy Vereckey reported recently that foregoing training pants is a trend that's saving parents up to $100 a month and sometimes resulting in quicker toilet training.

Sales of disposable training pants throughout the industry fell to $731.2 million, down 3.2 percent, for the 52 weeks ending June 13, Vereckey reported.

To read her report, click here.

Have you decided to forego disposable training pants in an effort to save money? Are you a disposable training pants devotee and not willing to risk your carpet and couch to messy mistakes? Post your toilet training tips, ideas or woes here or e-mail me. Your suggestions or advice could be featured on my blog in a future post.
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