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California Commercial Loan Delinquency Rate

Declines to .23%

19 Loans Out Of 6,453 Surveyed Found Delinquent


SACRAMENTO – According to the Quarterly Commercial Loan Delinquency Survey, conducted by the California Mortgage Bankers Association, the delinquency rate for the past 3 months has dropped from 0.26% to 0.23%.  One year ago, the delinquency rate was 0.08%.  The survey, which includes 16 mortgage banking firms and over $55 billion of commercial/multi-family loans, found 19 loans delinquent out of 6,453 surveyed.  This was the 44rd consecutive quarter the ratio was below one-half of one percent (0.5%). 

As of three months ago, the largest of the 19 delinquent loans is a $33.1 million loan, now in foreclosure, on a retail property in Chula Vista. The next two largest delinquent loans are a $12.8 million loan on an office building in Contra Costa County and a $12.1 million loan on an office building in Ontario.


By number, the fourteen delinquent loans represent 0.29% of the 6,453 loans included in the survey. 


Peter Ulrich, CMBA Commercial Real Estate Consultant, noted that for the first time in the survey’s history, three smaller loans were delinquent on R&D properties.  Additionally, including this quarter’s survey, no surveyed loans have ever been found delinquent on mobile home properties.


The following table compares delinquencies by type of property.

For survey purposes, a loan is considered delinquent if it is two or more payments past due.  Loans in the process of foreclosure are included, regardless of the number of payments past due.

Sixteen income property mortgage bankers participated in the CMBA survey.  These companies originate and service loans on apartments, retail, industrial and other commercial properties for institutional investors such as life insurance companies and pension funds.

For more information, please contact Peter H. Ulrich, CMB, CMBA Commercial Real Estate Consultant at (949) 494-1254.

For media inquiries, or if you would like to receive CMBA’s quarterly commercial loan delinquency survey via e-mail, please contact Dustin Hobbs, CMBA Communications director at (916) 446-7100, or

Delinquencies by Property Type


September 30, 2009


(Dollar figures in millions)



Total Servicing

Amount Delinquent

% Delinquent      As of  9/30/09

% Delinquent     As of  6/30/09


$ 26,421.0

$ 18.9



Office Buildings




















Mobile Home Parks





R & D Properties





Other Properties











$  55,309.5

$ 125.3




* Less than 0.01%


The September 30, 2009 survey included $55.3 billion of California commercial mortgage loans being serviced by 16 mortgage banking firms.






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