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Subject: Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville Real Estate News and Trends
First American CoreLogic Sacramento--Arden-Arcade--Roseville Housing Update
July 30, 2009 A real estate report by First American CoreLogic on home sales, price trends, and foreclosure activity
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Location 90+ Day Delinquency Rate June 2009 90+ Day Delinquency Rate June 2008 Change in 90+ Day Delinquency Rate Foreclosure Rate June 2009 Foreclosure Rate June 2008 Change in Foreclosure Rate REO Rate June 2009 REO Rate June 2008 Percentage Point Change in REO Rate Current 12-Month Cumulative Foreclosure Filings Year Ago 12-Month Cumulative Foreclosure Filings
California 9.50% 6.00% 3.50% 3.40% 2.20% 1.20% 1.00% 1.60% -0.60% 877,506 631,972
Sacramento--Arden-Arcade--Roseville, CA 9.50% 6.70% 2.80% 3.30% 2.40% 1.00% 0.80% 1.80% -1.10% 73,611 59,652
US 6.72% 4.12% 2.60% 2.63% 1.55% 1.09% 0.55% 0.74% -0.19% 3,956,243 2,856,791

Source: First American CoreLogic.

Foreclosure Rates in Sacramento--Arden-Arcade--Roseville Increase

map Foreclosure rates in Sacramento--Arden-Arcade--Roseville have increased for the month of June over the same period last year, according to First American CoreLogic, the leading collector of national, state and local data on home prices, foreclosure and delinquency activity, real estate sales volume and mortgage loan activity.

According to recent data from First American CoreLogic on foreclosures for the Sacramento--Arden-Arcade--Roseville area, the rate of foreclosures among outstanding mortgage loans is 3.30 percent for the month of June, an increase of 1.00 percentage points compared to June of 2008 when the rate was 2.40 percent.* Foreclosure activity in Sacramento--Arden-Arcade--Roseville is higher than the national foreclosure rate which was 2.6 for June 2009, representing a 0.70 percentage point difference.

Also in Sacramento--Arden-Arcade--Roseville, the mortgage delinquency rate has increased. According to First American CoreLogic preview data for June 2009, 9.50 percent of mortgage loans were 90 days or more delinquent compared to 6.70 percent for the same period last year, representing an increase of 2.80 percentage points.*

Foreclosure Filings

During the past 12 months, from July 2008 to June 2009, there was a total of 73,611 foreclosure filings in Sacramento--Arden-Arcade--Roseville, or approximately 201.67 per day. That compares to the previous 12-month period of July 2007 to June 2008 when there were 59,652 foreclosure filings, or approximately 163.43 per day.

Public record foreclosure filings include the three steps in the foreclosure process beginning with the pre-foreclosure filing or Notice of Default (NOD), which typically occurs after the 90-day delinquency period, the Notice of Foreclosure Sale when the property is scheduled for auction; and the Notification of Sale filed after the property is sold at auction. If the property isn't sold at auction, it goes back to the lender and is considered Real Estate Owned (REO). Because data is collected from public records, it is subject to limitations with regard to geographic coverage and differences in how various municipalities record foreclosure filings.

Foreclosure data for First American CoreLogic is reported based on the actual number of active mortgage loans rather than the total number of households in a given area, which provides more accurate results by removing paid-in-full mortgages from the equation.

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* Data and percentage point differences are rounded to the nearest tenth and may appear to affect calculations.