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In an e-mail to, Ron Artest said he regrets not opting out of his contract by the June 30 deadline.
The backstory here involves a conference call the small forward had this morning with Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie and Artest's agent, Mark Stevens. It appears that Artest was under the impression that there was a high likelihood the Kings would discuss his eventual signing to a long-term extension. But after numerous sources have said for months that such a move was highly unlikely, Artest and Stevens had continued to talk as if it was a strong possibility.
Petrie said in a phone interview minutes ago that he had a "candid" conversation with Artest but that "he wasn't too inclined to (say) much further than that."
Stevens, who was unaware of Artest's comments, said "I'm not even near a TV, so I can't even respond to something I haven't seen....Whatever his reasons for feeling that way is, well we'll just see. I'm not going to respond to it." - Sam Amick

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