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DSCN2634.JPGHere's a way to rebel against misleading media reports that eating pork can lead to swine flu. Make yourself a homemade sugo -- an Italian meat sauce -- to go with your pork chop.

A sugo is a rustic and intense meat sauce that is regularly spooned on meat dishes at Oliveto, the restaurant where I am interning. Executive Chef Paul Canales developed this version for home cooks.

The recipe involves a lot of work and time, but the payoff is huge. The final sauce can be frozen in ice-cube trays and used for months. Try it on pork scallopine, pork chops or roast pork. If you don't like pork, make it with other cuts of meat, such as scraps of lamb or goat.

To read the full recipe, go here.

Photo of Paul Canales by Stuart Leavenworth.
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Stuart Leavenworth, an editorial writer for The Bee, will spend the next several months in the kitchen at Oliveto, a highly rated Italian restaurant in the Bay Area. As an apprentice, Stuart will start as a prep chef, preparing vegetables, soups, sauces and pasta fillings. Then he'll move on to more challenging assignments. He welcomes your questions. Read his first installment here. Email him at

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