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Kings fans, what are your online needs from The Bee?

Would you like to see box scores next to games stories, with a photo gallery of the game?

Would you like a sports ticker that gives you score updates during every Kings game?

Would you like to have your own blog on, where you can tell others what you think of the Kings?

Do you want mobile alerts, with a score update and key statistic or note, from a Bee reporter at Kings games? Or how about a mobile alert any time a Kings starter got injured during practice or told a reporter he wanted to be traded?

How about a reader discussion board where you can debate with Bee columnists, editors and other readers who should be getting more minutes, and maybe who should be traded?

We're planning to do all of the above when we launch our redesigned site in mid-October. The mobile alerts will likely take a little longer, but will be working on that, too.

Our sister paper, The Charlotte Observer, is using a forum tool from a company called Pluck to host reader discussion boards on the Carolina Panthers of the NFL. Check it out. What would you suggest we do with such a tool to get a community dialogue going about the Kings?

Below is a mockup of what sacbee's new Kings page might look like.




We will of course continue to produce all the content you've come to expect from The Bee. We are the only news organization that attends every Kings game, practice, news conference. We are almost always first with any news about the Kings, and on that rare occasion when we get beat, we always make sure we do a better job than any one else at explaining why something happened, whether it be a trade or draft decision.

Kings fans, we want to hear from you. Send us your suggestions for improving our Kings content in the paper and online to, or drop a comment below. If you have an example of what you'd like The Bee to do online with its Kings page, please send us a link and tell us what you like about that Web site.

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