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Bid #C09E0001 - Study of the Economic Value of Outdoor Recreation in California rfp Paper Bid Fee Waived
Time Left 1 day, 0 hrs
Time Started Jul 15, 2009 2:13:07 PM PDT     
Time Ends Aug 11, 2009 2:00:00 PM PDT  
Agency Information    State of California, CA  (view agency's bids)
Department Parks & Recreation, Dept of (Inc. Baldwin Hills, Coachella Valley & San Joaquin River Conservancies)  (view department's bids)
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Bid Number   C09E0001
Title   Study of the Economic Value of Outdoor Recreation in California
Expected Expenditure   $200,000.00
Standard Disclaimer   The State of California advises that prospective bidders periodically check the websites, including but not limited to Bidsync, and/or other state department links for modifications to bid documents. The State of California is not responsible for a prospective bidder's misunderstanding of the bid solicitation or nonresponsive bid due to failure to check these websites for updates or amendments to bid documents, and/or other information regarding the bid solicitations. Failure to periodically check these websites will be at the bidder's sole risk.

The information published and/or responded to on these websites is public information. Confidential questions/issues/concerns should be directed to the contact on the ad.
Description  The State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is seeking a firm to provide research services for a study of the economic value of outdoor recreation in California. The study shall provide detailed and quantifiable information on the role of
outdoor recreation in local and regional economies. 


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Sub seeking Prime William Allen Allen, Shea & Associates - SB/DVBE
Sub seeking Prime Allen Certified DVBE
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