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June 26, 2006
Lighten up

Nothing like trudging around Sacramento during the summer while decked out in a coat and tie - not to mention a long-sleeve dress shirt, trousers and leather shoes. We feel for the men who get layered up every morning, only to face 5 o'clock and 105 degrees. So, out of the goodness of our hearts - some tips to help you lighten the load, while still keeping you dressed for success.

Joe Pardini, manager of Patrick James men's clothing store in Pavilions, offered these ideas:

"The key to at least feeling a little cooler is all in the fit and the fabric," he says. "Make sure your shirt collar isn't too tight and that you wear looser-fitting garments in general."

And guess what? If you thought a silk-blend suit would do the trick, it's time to change your fabric. Silk actually is not as breathable as, say, a jacket in a tropical wool or linen blend. That's right: Wool can be cool in the summer.

"Natural fibers (i.e, cotton) is definitely the way to go," Pardini says.

One other trick? Check the lining of your jacket. An unlined version, or one that's less constructed, will keep the heat from building up.

By the way - keep a pair of flip-flops at your disposal. Your dawgs will thank you later.

Ladies, we've got tips for you Tuesday.

-- Leigh Grogan

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