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Marcy Valenzuela with her new husband, Tony Toste.

As your devoted Media Savvy and 21Q correspondent, who is always here to serve, I can't tell you how many times I've received e-mails and phone calls asking the same question: Whatever happened to Paul, Jen and Marcy?

That would be, of course, deposed Channel 13 anchors Paul Joncich, Jennifer Whitney and Marcy Valenzuela.

It's been six months since the big change was made at KOVR and, because of overwhelming popular demand, Tuesday's Scene section of The Bee will feature a big spread about the anchors-in-exile.

Short answer: All three are doing well. Paul and Marcy miss being on the air. Jen says she doesn't miss it at all.

And here's a tease to Tuesday's story - a photo of Valenzuela and new hubby Tony Toste, who were married in June.

-- Sam McManis

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