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July 5, 2006

You may recall that we at 21Q had thrown down the blogging gauntlet, pointing out that the good folks at channels 13 and 31 contributed postings to their combined blog, oh, about once a month.

Well, they've responded to our challenge. "Good Day Sacramento" anchor Marianne McClary even credited 21Q for shaming her into updating her blog at cbs13.com/gooddayblog.

As for the combined blog, you'll never know what you'll find (cbs13.com/blogs/). A couple of days ago, we clicked on a posting by weekend anchor Patti Lee, only to find that she is leaving the station. Yes, more revolving doors for anchors at 13. Anyway, Patti's stream-of-consciousness good-bye is interesting to read, even if it doesn't provide much information on why she's leaving the station after three years.

-- Sam McManis

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