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Two months after conservative radio talker Mark Williams got canned by KFBK (1530 AM), will Eric Hogue (pictured at right) of KTKZ (1380 AM/105.5 FM) be the next to go because of budget cuts?

That's what conservative blogger and former Sac City Council candidate Craig DeLuz is saying. DeLuz reports that the station is planning to dump Hogue by Labor Day and go with all syndicated talkers. Check out the blog item here.

We called the normally chatty Hogue, who clammed up really quick when the subject was broached. He referred us to Tom Holiday, the general manager of Salem Communications' Sacramento stations, which include KTKZ. Holiday referred us to Denise Davis, director of communications at Salem's headquarters in Camarillo.

"We have not announced anything," Davis tells us. "The information out there is premature. We have nothing to say about it."

Stay tuned....

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