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September 8, 2006
Putting the 'My' in My58TV

Not many people are watching those nightly soaps ("Desire" and "Fashion House") on the new My58TV. (I think, locally, the Nielsen folks counted one dude in Roseville and a pair of sinster sisters in Woodland who've tuned in.)

So why, then, is My58TV - the erstwhile WB 58 - creating so much buzz locally?

It's an Internet thing, naturally. To drum up interest in the channel, which was cut adrift after WB and UPN merged to form the CW (on Channel 31, locally), the station's marketing whiz, Jessica Rappaport, came up with the idea of staging a contest to select two hosts for the network.

So they sent out a casting call, and 500 aspirants showed up. The number has been winnowed to 12, and each week, two more hopefuls will be eliminated (via online vote) before the winners are announced on Oct. 9.

"We'll give them a year's contract with the station," Rappaport says. "They'll do promotional spots on TV between shows and during commercial breaks, and they'll be on our Web site and make (personal) appearances."

Voting is going on now at My58TV's Web site. You can watch the auditions of the finalists and judge for yourselves.

Finalist Ana

Me? I think it would be a crime if these four didn't make it to the Final Four: Jeff from Sacramento, Ana from Davis, Kelly from Fair Oaks and Scott from Sacramento.

Finalist Jeff

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