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September 15, 2006
'Synergy' or shilling?


Have you caught News10's latest station promo?

It's hyping an upcoming half-hour, (almost) prime-time program extolling the wonders of high-definition television, practically begging people to buy HD sets.

Coincidentally (wink, wink), the station happens to be moving heavily into locally produced HDTV programming. News10's prep football and travel segments have just started being shot with fancy HD cameras.

The program, which will air at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 22, will be hosted by "Sacramento & Co." hosts Kristen Simoes and Guy Farris - you know, the two "infomercial" faux journalists who try to act fascinated during paid-programming "interviews" with reverse-mortgage bankers or home-siding salesmen.

Oh, and did we mentioned that the upcoming HD-themed show, "The Future is HDTV," is sponsored by - yup - Comcast?

Here's the text of the News10 promo: "Thinking about getting HD but not sure where to start? Wanna know more about what you need? Your hosts from 'Sacramento & Co.,' Guy Farris and Kristen Simoes, will walk you through the different TVs, services and programs available right now. So before you get HD or if you already have it, join us for 'The Future is HDTV on News10."

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