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OK, it's official: Channel 31's "Good Day Sacramento" this morning abandoned any pretense of being a news show.

At 9:15 a.m., when President Bush was speaking at the United Nations, the wacky gang at "Good Day" was "interviewing" a space alien - actually reporter Mark S. Allen pretending to be an alien, replete with a digitally elongated head.

The anchors and Allen yukked it up (though the lame humor, including Allen's obligatory slam at KCRA anchor Walt Gray's hair, totally escaped us). Meanwhile, on My58TV, the Armstrong & Getty Show went live to the president's address, as did ABC's "Good Morning America."

If "Good Day" wants to be considered strictly an entertainment show, fine. But don't pretend that the show gives up-to-the-minute "breaking news," as it often claims. It seems the only time "Good Day" breaks in for news is when it's following a high-speed car chase in Dallas or some other far-flung locale.

Stefanie Cruz, "Good Day's" capable news anchor, is totally wasted on the show. Here's a plea to channels 31/13 honchos to liberate Cruz and let her be a "real" anchor on sister station Channel 13.

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