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September 20, 2006
Runaway madness

top model.jpg

Tonight, the runway opens its arms to, as host Tyra Banks meows, "13 glamorous new reasons to watch." That is, the seventh cycle of "America's Next Top Model."

The two-hour premiere is at 8 p.m. on The CW (Channel 31). And there's a local connection. One of the 13 hopefuls is "A.J." (just A.J., shown right), a 20-year-old student from Sacramento.

I wasn't able to talk to A.J., though, because, unlike "American Idol," "Top Model" allows no interviews until the contestant is either kicked off or wins the competition.

However, I checked out the network's Web site, CWTV.com, and A.J. just happened to be one of the models profiled. Just a snippet, mind you, but it's a bit of a window into what type of model-aspiree she might be:

"I hear they're gonna make it (the show) sober, and I hope they don't make me too normal. I'm weird!"

OK - so maybe she'll shake things up a bit. The other 12 contestants come from all over: Fargo, N.D., Columbia, S.C., Homestead, Fla., Keller, Texas, Chicago and Parkersburg, Iowa - wherever that is. Two are from San Francisco and at least four from Southern California.

Hope they're all ready to walk the walk, and to put their best pout forward.

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