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Whew! For a few minutes there, we thought that Sacramento's own A.J. was putting her pretty little head on the chopping block in the latest episode of "America's Next Top Model."

After all, the 20-year-old contestant got dangerously pouty during her makeover, making unhappy faces after the stylists lightened her "Goth" hair and calmed down the spikiness.

Complained A.J.: "I'm not a smooth girl - I like spikes."

Sweetheart, you tried out for "America's Next Top Model" - what did you expect?

This, after last week's confidence crisis - and, frankly, we thought A.J. might sink to the bottom two.

But, for better or for worse, she wasn't the only one who got upset. Melrose, Monique and Jaeda also were unhappy with their new looks and all four of them got a dressing down by set stylist Mr. Jay.

When all was said and done, Ms. A.J. pulled it out for her photo shoot - which, ironically enough, had the models outfitted in wacky hairpieces that covered up the drama-inducing new dos. As such, A.J. seems to have skated her way to the middle of the pack - the judges praised her look, but questioned her presence.

The ousted model? Pixie-haired Megan. We liked her personality, but it's true - those photos were anything but fierce.

Stay tuned.

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