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October 4, 2006
And this, from Dan Elliott


News10 this morning featured a new segment - dueling political discourse by Karen Hanretty, conservative (pictured at right), and Robin Swanson, liberal (pictured left). The two are campaign-strategists-turned-bloggers on the station's Web site.

And they are as smart, pointed and personable on the air as in print - a rare combo in the broadcast medium.

But News10 morning anchor Dan Elliott felt the need to point out something else, as well: These women aren't hard on the eyes, either. Check out Elliott's introduction to today's segment:

Elliott: "I said our 'blogger babes,' and I think I misspoke, although it was meant as a compliment. And I don't think you were offended."

Hanretty: "You don't think we're babes? Is that what you're telling us, Dan?"

Elliott: "I was politely advised not to use that term in the future...."

Hanretty: "We don't care."

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