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October 6, 2006
They're married!

Associated Press

Molly and Jason are officially an "old married couple." The twosome tied the knot Friday morning on the "Today" show before family, friends and millions of their closest TV-viewing fans.

So Molly Mouchka, a Sacramento native, is now Molly Waggoner. (For more on her story by my Bee colleague Lisa Heyamoto, click here. And she couldn't have looked more radiant. In fact, the entire wedding party was well-turned-out for such an early-morning event.

Lyle and Jason.jpgThe bridesmaids' sapphire-blue dresses looked pretty on each and every one of them. And the groomsmen - and the groom - were quite dapper. I loved their boutonnieres and elegant tuxes. And the groom's parents, former TV star Lyle Waggoner and his wife, Sharon (shown right), looked quite sharp as they escorted their son down the aisle.

But it was Molly, resplendent in her viewer-chosen strapless gown, who stole the show. It was one thing to see the dress when it was on a model, but on Molly, well, she made it something special. She wore her hair down, which suited not only the dress but the incredibly beautiful veil, which billowed in the wind. The stylists went easy on the makeup, which was a good thing because everyone was tearing up. (Including yours truly. I had to redo my mascara three times this morning.)

Molly's bouquet held sentimental value. Molly's mother, who died two years ago from cancer, was with her in spirit, and the bouquet contained a mix of white and pink flowers. Pink being her mom's favorite color. As the newly married couple came down the aisle, Molly lightly planted a kiss on the flowers.

After receiving a champagne toast from anchors Matt, Meredith, Al and Ann, the couple got to open a festively wrapped box that contained the final piece of their TV-wedding itinerary: Where would they go on their honeymoon?

There were a variety of choices that were given to viewers to vote on, from Peru to Barbados. (When asked if she had a preference before finding out, Molly said she herself voted for the trip to Antarctica. "What was I thinking?" she said, laughing.)

Lucky for them, the viewers selected New Zealand, and it sounds like they'll be doing the things they love, like swimming and horseback riding.

Then, it was off to an elaborate reception in New York's Central Park.

Unlike other weddings you see on TV, like those on soap operas (I cry at those, too), I'm betting that this one's for keeps.

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