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October 11, 2006
Blue set, red analyst


Imagine our surprise when we saw that Channel 13, which usually ignores politics for wildfires and crime news, is using a political analyst.

Imagine our extreme surprise when that analyst turned out to be Rob Stutzman (right), who until recently had been Governor Schwarzenegger's communications director and an unabashed conservative voice.

But following Saturday's debate, Stutzman was introduced as "CBS 13's new political analyst." We kept waiting for the camera to pull back for a two-shot and show Stutzman's liberal counterpart. But no, it was just Rob.

Says Bruno Cohen, Channel 13s boss: Were aware of his background, but hes an articulate insider into politics and we think we hit it down the middle in his commentary.

But you'll be shocked - shocked! - to learn that Stutzman proceeded to trash Democratic challenger Phil Angelides. Stutzman did everything short of waving pom-poms for Arnold.

Some excerpts:

* "The momentum that began for Schwarzenegger is continuing ... It's the true juggernaut effect. And it has an impact on money."

* "(Angelides) has to do something to change the atmosphere of the race to affect news coverage, and he didn't do anything like that tonight."

* "Clear winner is Schwarzenegger - just by the fact that Angelides wasn't a clear winner, if that makes any sense."

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