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October 12, 2006
She's a man-eater

Happy times. A.J. continues to impress - even when covered in fake blood and surrounded by creepy, fake body parts. The Sacramento resident and "America's Next Top Model" contestant did well once again on the show.

This week's photo shoot had the girls posing in "freak show" settings. While some of the aspiring models had the unfortunate luck of being asked to wear beards or bird beaks, A.J. had an assignment that lent itself to creating a dark and edgy prettiness.

Of course, A.J. had to remind us that she is dark and edgy - not the first time she's made that point for us. Obviously these shows were taped a while back, but if I could offer advice to the A.J. of a few months ago, I'd ask her to drop that schtick. She doesn't need a gimmick.

Anyway, her resulting pictures were fab. The shots depicted A.J. crouched over her "victim" with a bloody, man-eating grin and prompted host Tyra Banks to declare that A.J. was one of those girls who modeled "from the top of her head to her fingertips."


Apparently she's a hit with viewers, too, nabbing enough votes for the latest "Cover Girl of the Week" award. (To garner homegirl another win, represent Sactown and vote here.)

I'm still thinking A.J. could go very far in this shindig. Caridee's the one to beat, but A.J. stands a really good chance if she keeps up this head-turning pace.

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