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Tuesday's Yo La Tengo show at Harlow's was a reminder of how Sac still has some growing up to do.

While the New Jersey band is able to play three nights at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco (Three nights! In a decent-sized venue!), they couldn't sell enough tickets to fill our very own Empire, and thus the eleventh-hour venue switch. And even then, Harlow's was only about two-thirds full.

The change was a shame for the under-21 set - my 16-year-old niece, Amanda, had finagled a ride from me to the all-ages Empire, but is too young for Harlow's. Still, for the rest of us, Harlow's was a good place to see the noisy pop band (though I could've used more pop to soften the edges of noise). And kudos to Abstract Entertainment for continuing to put on such shows in Sacramento.

Abstract promoter Brian McKenna knows that many of the shows he puts on here could very well be a wash - it doesn't help that most indie artists can't get mainstream-radio airplay here - but he continues to book now and ask questions later.

On that note, y'all should go see Be Your Own Pet Monday at the Library or, on Tuesday, check out Matt Pond, PA at Harlow's. They're both up-and-coming acts that'll probably do really well in S.F.

We'll see how they do here.

Come on, Sacramento, represent!

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