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October 25, 2006
Traffic, er, accident?


Remember News10 traffic reporter Julie Durda, the former 49ers cheerleader and contestant on "The Bachelor" (at right) who got a big promotion to KRON in San Francisco in July?

She's out of a job now.

Station officials at KRON won't elaborate, other than to say Durda no longer works there. juliee.jpg But the word is that an on-air "incident" may have hastened her departure.

Durda apparently blurted out the phrase, "What the heck?" while at the anchor desk recently, apparently not knowing her microphone was on. (Some viewers who called to complain said they thought Durda had used the F-word instead of "heck," but a replay of the tape showed she did not.)

No word on what Durda is doing now. Her old afternoon traffic spot on News10 is now being handled by the very capable Angel Cardenas.

To some longtime TV news watchers, Durda's alleged on-air slip is reminiscent of an incident in Sacramento in 1992, when former Channel 3 anchor Stan Atkinson mouthed the word "bitch" after a news story about then-U.S. Senate candidate Barbara Boxer.

Atkinson told The Bee at the time that he used the word not about Boxer but about an "appliance" while chatting with a consumer reporter. Atkinson apologized later in the newscast and faced no disciplinary action.

Maybe Durda should've used the "Appliance Defense."

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