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November 8, 2006
Sensational sheaths

Associated Press

Now that it's for sure that Maria Shriver is going to continue as California's first lady, we've all - meaning all us girls - have got to work on our biceps, triceps and any other "ceps" like never before.

That's because Maria is in love with sleeveless dresses, as evidenced by what she wore to vote on Tuesday morning and the glitzy, glam number she wore to the governor's victory celebration Tuesday night in Beverly Hills (shown above).

And why not? She can pull off the look with such confidence - whether it's clapping, waving, hugging, holding her husband's arm up in victory, what have you.

Let's face it - Sacramento and the rest of the state are in for four years of high fashion, formally commencing with the inaugural galas in January. Stay with me as I dig deep to find out what Maria will wear. Certainly, this time around, the festivities will be, er, more festive than 2004.

Now, I just need to figure out how she stays warm. And I probably better find a ball gown - sleeveless, of course.

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