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mark s allen

“Good Day Sacramento” anchor Mark S. Allen has pleaded guilty in Sacramento County Superior Court to a single count of misdemeanor driving under the influence.

Allen, whose real name is Mark A. Stell, was sentenced to three year’s probation and 48 hours of community service in the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department Work Project. According to the Sheriff’s Web site, inmates on work crews “are assigned to one of more than 25 work sites throughout the county.” He also must enroll in a three- to six-month “First Offender” treatment program as part of his sentence, according to court documents.

In late August, Allen was pulled over at Sacramento International Airport by sheriff’s deputies. According to court documents, his blood alcohol level registered at .11 (above the .08 legal limit in California) and he was taken into custody.

Allen has remained on the air at “Good Day Sacramento” since his arrest and conviction. Asked if the station would discipline Allen, Channel 31 vice president for news Steve Charlier declined to comment, saying it is a personnel matter.

In a phone interview today with The Bee, Allen called the incident "an embarrassing situation." He explained that he had been having dinner with friends and was returning someone to the airport when he was stopped.

"I had had a couple of drinks at dinner (and) a drink prior to dinner, thought I was within the (threshold)," he says. "At no point did I think I was drunk...Having been around DUI education for the past 30 years, I really thought I was OK. So this is absolutely embarrassing."

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