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December 5, 2006
Ken Burns' 'people' hit Sac

The buzz about filmmaker Ken Burns' documentary about World War II already is starting, even though it is not scheduled to air on PBS until next fall.

For those who haven't heard: Among the cities that Burns has chosen to profile in the historical piece is, yes, Sacramento. A producer for the show has interviewed former (1982-83) Sacramento Mayor Burnett Miller, 83. Miller, who participated in the Battle of the Bulge, tells us that he'll be featured in three of the seven documentary segments.
"They spent a couple of days here and a very sweet girl (producer) did the interviews," says Miller (pictured). "She was terrific. She could get anything out of anybody. (They asked about) some of my experiences in Europe during the war and what life was like in Sacramento before the war and how it changed somewhat when I returned."

So, how did Sacramento change?

"Before the war, about the further south Sacramento went was William Land Park," Miller says. "Everything on the other side was farms. Natomas was all farms and the downtown was extremely lively. Streetcars ran every place. It was quite different.

During the war, "the military presence here was huge," Miller says. "Id come home and feel like I was in a military camp downtown."

We'll check back with Miller closer to the documentary's run date.

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