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January 26, 2007
Big changes at My58TV

Starting March 26, say goodbye to the TV simulcast of Armstrong & Getty's radio show on My58TV.

And, in its place, say hello to ... more news!

Elliott Troshinsky, president of KCRA and My58TV, won't divulge too many details of the new show, but he did confirm it will be news-oriented (as opposed to the fluff on "Good Day Sacramento") and it will be produced by KCRA.

As for who will be the on-air talent? Troshinsky played coy. When your correspondent asked if it would be Walt Gray and Deirdre Fitzpatrick, the anchors on Channel 3's morning news from 5 to 7 a.m., Troshinsky backpedaled.

"We're still working out the details," he says. "We think we have a great opportunity in that time period to give people a news option using the best resources in the market."

And what about A&G?

Well, Armstrong & Getty are talented guys and their five-hour show brings in great ratings on KSTE (650 AM). But the simulcast has been a ratings flop - in most Nielsen books, it's below a 1 rating. (The "Today" show and "Good Day Sacramento" routinely pull in ratings in the high 3s.)

In other Channel 3 news: That makeshift set is almost history. Troshinsky says the station's new HD-compatible set will debut next week.

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