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February 28, 2007
Back on the 'Town'

OK, so I meant to post this forever ago, but I was walking past the Town House on 21st, home of what is possibly the largest neon bar sign, ever, and - insert gasp here - it was open. Like, door ajar, people smoking out front, and open.

Now, I don't know what the deal is with that place, but it looks like it's been deserted for ages and then all of a sudden that neon sign lights up and you can practically see it from outer space.

So I asked the door guy what was going on and he said there was a private party inside, but that the bar was going to open again within the next few weeks.

Since it's been a few weeks since I walked past, I won't hold my breath, but hey, that bar is two blocks from my apartment, and you know I'm a fan of stumbling distance.

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