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March 2, 2007
Editor out at SN&R

Nancy Brands Ward barely kept the editor's chair warm at the Sacramento News & Review before up and leaving. She started the job in September and left the alternative weekly paper last week.

"It just didn't work out," publisher Jeff vonKaenel tells us this afternoon by way of explanation.

So it's back to the hot seat for Melinda Welsh, who served as interim editor for 13 months before vonKaenel hired Brands Ward. "(Welsh) is a great journalist," he says.

Indeed, VonKaenel would love to have Welsh take over the job permanently, but that doesn't appear likely.

"The interim thing is her idea," he says. "We're actively looking for a permament editor. It's big job with a lot of responsibility."

Jokes Welsh: "I guess this is what I get for hanging around."

Seriously, Welsh says she's happy to fill in, but wants nothing to do with making it full-time.

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